In our “Kollektive” series we hope to bring out a common thread among tracks and artists we choose. Sometimes we will give artists a concept to work on. Sometimes, like the first Kollektive, we make it our own task to find it. Although tracks might be from varying styles of experimental electronic music and countries, we think no matter what style or which country the artists may come from, they share some common characteristics. This gives the global underground scene of the experimental electronic music, a sense of a tight community even though it`s spread miles apart physically.
In the first edition of Kollektive we bring you music from Iran, Mexico, Ukraine, Greece, France, Russia, Netherlands, U.S, U.K and Canada.

Format: Digital Release
Catalog Number: KLK01
Release Date: 13/12/2015
Release Title: Kollektive 1 – Various Artists
Artwork: Kino

1- Kryshe – Shining Darkness
2- Heinali – On the Sublime
3- Tegh – Moonshot
4- dev – Summer Dusk
5- Legiac – The Din Skided
6- sodiufas – Spikes
7- Tapage – She Looks So Peaceful
8- LINEAR BELLS – Wave of Transition
9- DR – First Track in Autumn
10- Shaahin Saba Dipole – Running Thoughts
11- Mez’Rab – Summer
12- arbee – Glisse
13- Pouya Ehsaei – RocRast #21
14- Sote – Parallel Arcs
15- raincheck – Mv_1
16- Parsa Shomali – Phobia
17- Alphaxone – Departure
18- Umchunga – In the Midst
19- eatingchildren – df3rd
20- José Soberanes – Atemporal
21- Zenjungle – Anticlockwise
22- Unland – Dunkle Manie
23- Cameron Shafii – たか、旦那様」彼女は静かな、うやうやしい声で言
24- dbetunedr – Ambrosia
25- Kate Carr – On Our Last Night We Searched for Crocodiles and Shooting Stars
26- No Ordinary Eye – In Cycle
27- Darren Harper – An Inevitable Goodbye

Total run time: 163 minutes

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